I haven’t read the news all day, so I have yet to see a photo of the scene at Cambridge City Hall last night, though I hear from other LJs that it was intense.

I just went to the local library to drop off the overdue video we borrowed from them last week. For those of you who have never seen my neighborhood, which is most, it’s about as small town USA as you can get. A little town green, a lot of gas-powered lawn mowers, a pharmacy and a post office and then the bridge over to the “city”, an old mill town full of decaying brick buildings and shiny new municipal facilities. It’s not even picture-postcard America, everything is a bit rundown, shabby around the edges. It’s just a bona fide small town.

And on the way to the library, I passed a house just like mine with a large sign out front, skirted with cheap helium balloons and streamers. It said: A Haverhill Original: our 59th Anniversary! and there were little pink triangles inscribed on the O’s.

Tears pricked my eyes as I realized how really real this is. Not just in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, and not as an act of civil disobedience by a radical local government. But here, in the uninspired stone-faced building where I go to pick up my recylcing containers and find out the new schedule for trash days, consenting adults can now walk in and fill out a marriage license without concern about gender.