a baby, really. She reportedly has Martin’s eyes (though his are brown and hers are still that indeterminate baby blue), my nose, the Kid’s features (he looks strikingly like his mother), my hair, his hair, my lips, Martin’s face, my grandmother’s hands, Martin’s fingers, his feet, my baby fat, his baby fat and…

My stepfather’s hair. My stepfather is entirely unrelated to this child by blood, and I just spent an entire evening cooing with his parents about how she looks ust like him as a baby.


I hereby confess that I do not think she looks one bit like any of us. She looks like a baby. The most perfect, beautiful, smart, powerful, well-muscled, even-tempered, fine-featured baby in the history of the universe, of course, but still…you know…baby. Only in the presence of other babies do I think she bears some resemblance to me or her father, and that could just be because she’s more familiar to me.

I love the game though. I stare at her all day long anyway, and it’s endless fun to compare her looks to whoever happens to be in my line of sight along with her. especially when its her dad, who I love looking at anyway. My pleasure in looking at him was what started this baby project rolling, lo these many years.

(the exception to my confession: her hair. probably her most striking feature as a newborn is a thick head of dark hair, which resembles mine as an infant and is the precise shade of m’s now. fwiw, my stepfather also has thick dark hair, and was also born with a full head of it.)