its 3 am, do you know where your partner is?

I wish I could answer that question in the affirmative. I got an e-mail from him at 3 pm telling me his big projecct was done and did I want to go to an 8 oclock show of farenheit 911. I said sure. At quarter of 8 he called and said he’d got hung up in a meeting, so no movie. no big deal, i had buffy. he said he had to go back to the meeting, but he’d see me soon.

now its 3;29 am. he’s been up working since 5 am, after only four hours of broken sleep.

I’m stuck at home with a new baby and a panic attack. Notably lacking in any way of reaching him – no response at office or cell. Also no car – mine is in the shop, which is probably for the best or I’d be out trolling the highways for any signs of an accident.

Is there something clever I’m not thinking of that I could do here? And how worried should I really be?