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I’ve come to expect Christmas to be a time of intense social stress, and to find myself the day after the event with a pile of credit card bills and a larger pile of noisy, expensive plastic crap cluttering up my house.

I don’t normally like being on the giving or receiving end of expensive gifts, and I really don’t like getting a huge pile of little stuff I would never buy because it’s stuff I don’t like or want me or my kids to have.

This year, however, the loot was good. I feel like a happy pirate.

Rio got a doll she LOVES and has not been separated from since it came out of the box. Plus everything else. I mean, everything. Happily, an everything that included no plastic toys at all.

I got a noisy, expensive plastic toy. My fetch has not been this psyched about a holiday gift since I was about Rio sized.

Martin got a set of guitar strings from my folks (who run a music store) and a Fender Stratocaster to go with them. Anyone coming to the fondue party is strongly encouraged to bring any instruments that play well with a Fender Strat. He may have put it down by then, but I kind of doubt it.

And in the most-lifechanging gift of all, Serena cut her first tooth!


Rio: Mom, have you seen Harry?

Me: No. He’s your imaginary friend. I can’t see him.

Rio: Well, he said he was going to meet me in my room, and me and Ron have just been waiting and waiting for him…I just can’t find him anywhere.

Me: Maybe he’s wearing his invisibility cloak? Harry has an invisibility cloak, you know…

Rio: NO. He’s just disappeared.

Tears start to well up in her eyes. Harry Potter is just about her best friend in the world, and he’s stood her up and there is not a damn thing I can do about it other than hold her while she cries. I’m sure this won’t be the last time she cries over a boy and I feel powerless to help, but it’s the first and I would bet funniest.

Today, Serena and I were playing in bed and she was watching Rio dance around the bed. Rio danced out of her line of sight, still singing, and Serena grabbed onto a fold in the comforter and moved it out of the way so she could see her sister again.

This may sound simple, but I was terribly impressed.

“You know what? My mommy is crazy. She’s a pretty nice mommy, but she is sooooooooooo old. …We don’t want to touch her when she’s such an old baby.”

Who taught that child to talk? Oh right, that would be me. Payback’s a bitch.

I do a LOT of laundry. I’ve been going out among the mommies of the world more lately, and getting a lot of oohs and ahs over my cloth diaper habit, which made me notice more of the things I wash rather than throw away. I wonder, just generally, what other people do, and how we make those choices? I use disposables for some stuff when there’s a perfectly good resuable option, while other things I wash and wash and wash.

So for each of these, please tell me what you *most* often do, what your habit is. Like for diapers, I would answer cloth because that’s my norm, even though I have used disposables in the past (like the other day when I was out at a friend’s house and realized I had forgotten my diaper bag).

I made them radio buttons on purpose because I am evil. Feel free to comment about how wrong unjust and unscientific my poll is, and how it prevents you from expressing your true self or your true napkin usage patterns or whatever. But satisfy my curiosity first and fill it out please. 🙂

[EDIT: the obvious ones I missed, not being a coffee drinker, are coffee cups and water bottles. I use a sigg bottle for my water.]

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