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Serena conquers the duck, originally uploaded by MzMuze.

Some of you may recall that in November I dreamed Serena turned into a vampire. At the time I was searching for meaning in the dream by exploring how it might relate to life decisions I was struggling with and larger themes in my psyche.

Today, I was reminded that the gods are charmingly literal. Today, my dream was proven to be precognitive after all. Because today, gentle reader, Serena sprouted fangs!

She has been teething fiercely for a couple of days, but I couldn’t see any tooth buds in the center of her mouth, where I would expect her top teeth to be coming in. This afternoon she lay down for a nap with just her bottom center teeth and woke up with two dagger like canines up top. I was so surprised I thought for a minute she had a splinter in her gums.

Also, she has taken to crawling around the house with a rubber duck in her mouth, the cuteness of which cannot be described. It must be witnessed.