So in this post I went on at some length about how and why I would not be starting a cooperative homeschool. Apparently I was mistaken. For next year at least I’ll be doing exactly that, running a preschool out of my home and hosting ocassional classes and workshops for kids (and possibly adults) in the afternoons and evenings.

First Rio’s scholarship at Fayerweather fell through, and I noticed I was as relieved as I was disappointed. I thought more about what I wanted for her; something that was a blend of unschooling and Waldorf principles, that would let her continue to grow the way she has been this past year, that would give her enough structure to expand beyond her comfort zones and enough freedom to grow toward her own light. Rio needs other kids around, but she also needs a lot of time at home and consistency with her teacher/caregiver.

I taught preschool before I had kids, and loved it. I feel like I have a clear vision of what I want to offer in an education, and it’s something I think my kids, community and planet need. No one is doing it that I can find. So I’ll try. If at any point Rio needs something different, we’ll shift gears and do something else.

For this year, I’m sidestepping a lot of the complications I mentioned in my earlier post, like finding teachers and space. I’ll be the teacher – I’m attending Lifeways, a low-residency program for Waldorf-inspired early childhood education, so I can expand my toolkit of preschool teaching skills. I’m getting licensed to run preschool/childcare at my house and I’ll open the space up for various other activities as people seem interested.

This will either mushroom into the kind of thing that needs its own space and additional professional teachers, hit a level as a small, home-based program or fizzle.

If you’re interested in joining the fray or tossing your kids into it, you know where to find me. I’ll advertise more formally when I have more details straightened out.