Serena just stood up in the middle of the living room and, very slowly and unsteadily, took a step toward me and Rio.

She promptly fell on her butt, and I applauded wildly, because hey! my little girl took a step. The first totally unassisted step she has ever taken. She’s taken a few steps before that were more like stumble-fall moves from one object she was holding herself up on to another, but this was new.

She just learned how to stand independently when we were at the Growing Center the other day, after a month or more of pulling herself up on stuff, letting go and hovering. She was sitting in the labyrinth alone and she just stood up. And then gave herself a round of applause and knocked herself over. šŸ™‚

All weekend I was telling everyone she saw that this was the last time they’d see her as a baby. She’s changed so much this week – standing, talking more, playing with other kids in a distinctly toddler-like way – I just knew that any moment now I’d be seeing my baby walk away from me into the land of childhood.

So I was only mostly surprised when the first thing she did after that one shaky step was crawl back to her starting point, stand up again, and walk across the entire living room into my waiting arms. Where she gave herself a big round of applause and promptly fell down.