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I’m back at my house, and my computer, after ten days in Maine training to be a Waldorf preschool teacher. The past two weeks have been among the most dense in memory. Since I last posted, in no particular order:

1. I have learned many wonderful and exciting things about caring for and teaching young children. Among them: I do not want to be a Waldorf teacher. Happily for me that was never my plan, and I think I got a lot of good tools that will help me build a nature-based homeschool for my kids and some of their friends.

2. I signed a purchase and sale agreement on my current house this morning, crossing the final and scariest hurdle to my moving plans with and . We are selling the house for a Very Low Price, and I am just holding my breath and praying that we recover financially. The to-do list remains long and daunting, but all systems are go on the move. *huge sigh of relief*

3. My sister gave birth on July 21 to a baby boy, Caden Blake Gleason. He is a charming tiny gnome who looks disturbingly like his daddy. He is also the smallest baby I have ever held, at just over 7 pounds.

4. has taken our two older children to Argentina to visit his family for nearly three weeks. I miss Rio, Ian and Martin terribly, but hear that they are loving the holiday time with their cousins and grandparents and everyone.

5. I turned 30. Right on cue I seem to have sprouted a couple of gray hairs. The day was uneventful, full of classes and classes and more classes. The highlight was a lovely dinner at a quiet Thai restaurant with my oldest and dearest friend. I’m really looking forward to my thirties; I love being alive and just have this calm sense of joy and wonder at what the next decade might bring me.

6. Someone close to me lost a pregnancy. I’m grieving for her and missing the bright spirit I saw moving in her aura for just a few short weeks before it was called on. Looking forward to meeting her children when they do come.

7. My grandmother is very ill and undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. My mother will be flying out to be with her. Energy and prayers much appreciated.

8. Legal drama reared its ugly head in the lives of people I love. Thankfully, it did not directly involve me, but it was sad to watch it eat up their life energy.

9. Ian can haz LJ.

10. In addition to these big things, the past two weeks saw the horrible and untimely demise of my cell phone (since replaced), the breakdown of my Amazing Van (which has yet to be repaired as the mechanic searches for some crazy part), a flare-up of my chronic bronchitis, and all the expected logistical issues that come up when one is traveling for two weeks with young kids.

I am, in other words, very tired. If you see me or speak to me, please be kind and gentle.


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the answer to “what to do with my hair?” is apparently “say yes when rio asks me to get the same haircut she is having”

We’ve been observing a lot of changes in Serena lately. She’s walking, she’s talking, she’s eating with utensils and playing with toys and expressing intentions. Rio has heard me say many times that Serena is not a baby anymore, that she’s a toddler or a kid, and that she’s growing very fast. I suspect that was the background to this conversation in the van:

Rio: Mama, Serena is going to be an old lady soon, right?

Me: Well, not soon in human terms. Many years will pass.

Rio: First she has to be a kid, and then a mama, and then she has to have a life, right? And then she will be an old lady?

Me: Yep. pretty much.

Rio: I don’t want to be dead.

Me: I don’t want you to be dead either. But death comes at the end of all our lives. It’s OK.

Rio: And then I will be alive again right?

Me: Yep. Eventually we all cycle back around into life in one form or another.

Rio: How long do you think that will take? Maybe two days?

Me: Two days is one theory. No one really knows how long it takes to become alive again after we die.

Rio: I think I will take two days. Because I am stronger than everyone. Look at my muscles!

(strenuously flexes every muscle in her body, screwing her face up tight and raising her clenched fists in triumph)

this fall, Rio is potentially interested in:

– piano lessons
– soccer
– ballet
– gymnastics
– swimming

I’m thinking we’ll do a maximum of three structured activities, and which three we pick will depend on her enthusiasm, cost, timing, etc. I want her to do some stuff just to get her out of the house and interacting with kids beyond the small group we’ll have in my home school, and these are all things she has a real interest in that I either can’t or won’t teach her.

So can anyone offer pointers for places/organizations convenient to Somerville offering any of these for four-year-olds? Tips on how to choose programs? Reviews of places your kids have gone?

I just read this decent, basic article about being a poly mom. Very mainstream. I commented on it, which is the first time I’ve commented on a mainstream blog.

Here’s the text of my comment:
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