We’ve been observing a lot of changes in Serena lately. She’s walking, she’s talking, she’s eating with utensils and playing with toys and expressing intentions. Rio has heard me say many times that Serena is not a baby anymore, that she’s a toddler or a kid, and that she’s growing very fast. I suspect that was the background to this conversation in the van:

Rio: Mama, Serena is going to be an old lady soon, right?

Me: Well, not soon in human terms. Many years will pass.

Rio: First she has to be a kid, and then a mama, and then she has to have a life, right? And then she will be an old lady?

Me: Yep. pretty much.

Rio: I don’t want to be dead.

Me: I don’t want you to be dead either. But death comes at the end of all our lives. It’s OK.

Rio: And then I will be alive again right?

Me: Yep. Eventually we all cycle back around into life in one form or another.

Rio: How long do you think that will take? Maybe two days?

Me: Two days is one theory. No one really knows how long it takes to become alive again after we die.

Rio: I think I will take two days. Because I am stronger than everyone. Look at my muscles!

(strenuously flexes every muscle in her body, screwing her face up tight and raising her clenched fists in triumph)