So this morning I came downstairs after laying Serena down for her nap and Rio was sitting on the couch starting to watch the Dark Crystal. She asked me to watch it with her and I said, “Well, I was thinking this would be a great time to do something special together.”

Her face filled with awe and she said, “You mean homeschooling? Can this be a school day?”

Sure, kid.

We put together a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, twice (file under: math). Then she said, “Can you teach me to write? Are you a mama-teacher?” I can’t recall when she last looked at me with such unadorned adoration. We got out a box of alphabet flashcards and started tracing the letters and numbers on paper.

A lot of conversation like this ensued:
“When I write a 9, I write it this way. Yours is backwards from mine.”
“Well, this is how I write a 9.” (emphasized by scrawling an entire row of backwards nines)
“People might have trouble reading it, if you keep writing it that way.”
“Well, this is how I do it.”
(I am not worried about this, because she starts off writing everything backwards and then adjusts to doing it the conventional way over time. Just a quirk.)

After writing, we cooked lunch together, with Rio measuring and stirring (math, science). Then we had a “piano lesson” featuring her original compositions (music) while we waited for our pasta to cook. After eating, we cleaned up and then played hair salon for an hour. Then she got her shoes on and we biked (exercise) over to a friend’s house for an afternoon playdate.

I think this whole homeschooling thing might actually completely rock. I’m sure not every day will be as easy as today was. But today made a great start.