My mom just came by to drop off information about half a dozen local private and charter schools. Thanks Mom. I feel supported by you in my choice to homeschool.

My choice is not rock solid though; in fact its downright mushy and muddy. So I looked into the schools she brought info on, all of which I’d looked at before, and thought, “Maybe I should do another round of private school apps; we only applied to that one school last year. Another one might have more scholarship funds, or a lower tuition…” In particular there’s a progressive school near my house (walkable) that is affiliated with Tufts and is cheap by private school standards.

So I say to Rio, “Do you like homeschooling? Do you miss preschool?”

“I miss preschool,” she says. “I prefer to homeschool.” (yes, this is how my four-year-old talks)

“Oh,” I say. “Well, I like homeschooling now. But I know things might be different next year. Maybe you will want to go to school, and you can tell me anytime if you do.”

Rio, “I think I want to keep homeschooling until I get too big for it.”

Me, “What is too big for homeschooling?”

Rio screws up her face and thinks about this for awhile. “I think maybe when I’m…forty. Then I will be too big for homeschooling.”

Me, “What will you do then?”

Rio, “Start a new school.”