Today came home from work around 5. We hung out for twenty minutes, and as we started planning dinner, I realized I’d forgotten to pick up our farm share. So I threw the baby in the trailer and biked over to Fresh Pond to get it. We made it there just in time, and got our last farm share box and a loaf of fresh bread.

Then I biked over to Sandro’s house, stole his toothpaste and petted his dog, and rode home by way of The Dairy Bar and yet more fresh bread. By the time I got home, I had a week’s worth of fresh food in the back of my bike trailer.

Rio, meanwhile, had spent the time alone with her dad making “math cards” out of brightly colored felt, helping him cook dinner, and learning to wash the dishes.

Can I say how much better this is than dragging two tired, hungry children in my car, on the highway, to a HUGE grocery store of infinite fluorescent-lit doom and then home again to try to cook dinner alone before their dad gets back from work at 7:30? There are no words.