I’m starting to understand why kids are so into potty humor. It’s because kids and potty are incredibly funny.

1. I walk into Rio’s bedroom in the morning and notice that it smells like pee. She’s got a friend staying over, but it doesn’t occur to me that she would be self-concious about this, because she never has been before.

“Did you pee in bed?”

Rio glances sharply at her friend and then back at me. “No!” she says.

“Oh? Why does the room smell like pee?”

“It was the cats!”

This is entirely plausible. The cats do pee out of their boxes, and her room is messy enough to be a prime target. I believed her totally.

“Oh! Where did they pee?”

“On my bed! And in my underpants.”

2. Just now, she walked into the bathroom, looked into the toilet and said “Watch out everybody, there’s going to be a water storm now!” before sitting down to pee.