Rio decided she was sufficiently recovered to go out to the gingerbread house workshop, so we went. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and she made a beautiful gingerbread house. I have never made a gingerbread house, and was stunned at Rio’s ability to make a great one. Not just by cute kid standards.

But on the way to the event, she sneezed. Now, she has a stomach virus, not a runny nose, so I did pack an complete set of extra clothes and a bottle of water for her. But I neglected to bring tissues.

So she sneezes and says, “Mama, may I please have a tissue?”

And I search around in my bag and the pockets of the van and stuff until I find a sock on the floor of the van. Not a clean sock. A kind of damp, crusty sock. I hand it to her and say, “You can wipe your nose on this.”

So I probably richly deserved it later when she said, “Mama, I sneezed again. I need a new sock!”

I probably lose ten million mom points for that. But I gain them back for her sitting on the floor next to me while I type this, singing “Peace coming to the Earth” to the tune of “Coin-Operated Boy”.