I’m trying to lie down for a nap while the baby sleeps, and Rio has been doing her best to keep me up for an hour. Finally I lay down and she climbs on the bed with me to continue her babble-requests – I’m *still* hungry! I need a glass of water! Do you need a glass of water? Will you read me this story? Can I turn the music on for you? I can get you another blanket. Would you like to have my nightlight? Please get my dollhouse off the shelf!

I say, “You know, sometimes when I am with you and you are sleeping and I am not, I like to lie next to you and read a book.”

She says, “You know what Mama? Sometimes when you are taking a nap, I like to read a book.”

I say, “Great!”

She walks over to the bookcase with great purpose. I wait for the inevitable and sure enough, a moment later, “Actually, you know what Mama? I can’t read.”