Serena has begun to signal when she needs a diaper change. Today, she went the next step and enthusiastically signalled to me that she needed the potty *before* soiling her diaper. She sat down on her little red potty and produced a single, tiny hard turd. She was so excited by this that she leapt up and begun babbling wildly, pointing at her poo while jumping up and down. Then with great authority, she carried the potty to the toilet and dumped it in. Having completed this solemn task, she tore a long sheet of toilet paper from the roll, carefully wiped her bottom (and legs, and back) and put it in the potty. Then she flushed. Finally, she asked to wash her hands.

I was amazed to learn that she knows the entire potty routine. Apparently, she has simply been waiting for her moment to execute the whole ritual.

I left her washing her hands and went to find a fresh diaper. When I returned a few minutes later, I saw that she had produced an entire pile of hard little turds, which she was gleefully placing one by one in the potty. She came running over to show me a turd, practically vibrating with pride, and then carefully demonstrated how to put it in the potty.

What do you say at a moment like that? I went with, “That’s great! We do put our poop in the potty! yes! But we don’t use our hands. Don’t touch that! Yucky!” while speed-cleaning thankfully-not-very-messy mess.

Then I put her back in the sink for some vigorous hand-washing, where she demonstrated her other cute confusion about grooming by taking a fistful of handsoap and rubbing it vigorously all over her head. This is amazingly sweet, and I’m glad she’s learning to wash her hair. But it is messy and she does it every time she gets near a sink. She must have the cleanest hair in Toddlerdom.

After all this, we had to take a bath, of course.