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of Rio’s most amazing and wonderful Christmas morning surprise: a dress from .


Serena has pretty much potty trained herself at home. She still wears diapers for going out and for sleep, but at home she’s good. I’ve littered the house with potties and she wears leggings instead of pants and just helps herself to the potty when she needs it.

I am amazed that she can do this because her technique for getting on the potty is to pull it into the middle of the room and then back up towards it with a very wide-legged stance until it knocks her over onto its opening. She usually has to try several times before she manages to sit on it.

In addition to her many, many, many skill and talents, Ms. Roham Clinton apparently makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

EDIT: a great, lactose-free chocolate chip cookie

In the further annals of “Rio no longer needs me to help with her life, kthnxbye!”:

We are leaving Arisia. Rio is getting into her outdoor gear and notices that her nametag is not with her sweater.

Rio: MOM! I don’t have my nametag! Every person at this hotel needs to have a nametag!

Me: That’s Ok. We are leaving right now and not coming back.


Rio: NO! My nametag has Daddy’s phone number on the back in case I get lost!


Me: It’s cool. We’re leaving. Plus, it’s with ‘s stuff. You can get it tomorrow.

Rio: *sulk*


While Serena created a distraction, Rio vanished into the crowd at the lobby. I caught up with her moments later. She had found the help desk, and was urgently explaining to the Arisia people that she had lost her nametag and needed another one. I explained that we were leaving and not coming back, and that I was sure it was with our friend’s stuff. Somehow, we made it out without a new nametag, but it was a close call. They were totally on her side.

FWIW, pinged me an hour later to say he had her badge and would keep it safe for her.

A little research proves that we live two blocks away from the best elementary school in Somerville. Everyone in the neighborhood raves about it, their test scores are on par with Arlington’s elementary schools, they go all the way up through 6th grade and their school theme is “Global Education”, which they say means organizing all their academic subjects around teaching children about the interconnectedness of all things and how to be the kind of ethical, planet-saving, social-justice-demanding, global citizens I’d want to hang out with.

If we are ever going to go the traditional schooling route, this appears not a bad school. Read the rest of this entry »

I called the city yesterday to let them know we were planning to homeschool Rio next year, when in the normal course of things she would attend kindergarten. As it turns out, they are required to offer kindergarten, but I am not required to take them up on the offer. There’s no paperwork or district curriculum requirements until 1st grade.

The funny thing was that Rio overheard this conversation. She asked me who I’d been talking to and what about. In explaining it, I said something like, “The man from the city schools says it’s our choice if we want to do kindergarten or not, so we don’t have to do any homeschooling paperwork.”

And Rio said, “Tell me about kindergarten. Maybe I would like to go.”

the ensuing discussion

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