In the further annals of “Rio no longer needs me to help with her life, kthnxbye!”:

We are leaving Arisia. Rio is getting into her outdoor gear and notices that her nametag is not with her sweater.

Rio: MOM! I don’t have my nametag! Every person at this hotel needs to have a nametag!

Me: That’s Ok. We are leaving right now and not coming back.


Rio: NO! My nametag has Daddy’s phone number on the back in case I get lost!


Me: It’s cool. We’re leaving. Plus, it’s with ‘s stuff. You can get it tomorrow.

Rio: *sulk*


While Serena created a distraction, Rio vanished into the crowd at the lobby. I caught up with her moments later. She had found the help desk, and was urgently explaining to the Arisia people that she had lost her nametag and needed another one. I explained that we were leaving and not coming back, and that I was sure it was with our friend’s stuff. Somehow, we made it out without a new nametag, but it was a close call. They were totally on her side.

FWIW, pinged me an hour later to say he had her badge and would keep it safe for her.