While I read a fair amount of personal finance advice, I limit my sources. This is deliberate. In general, I’m an eclectic reader. I love to read a wide variety of opinions and perspectives on any topic I’m interested in.

But money, especially *my* money (or total lack thereof), makes me very, very nervous. So I limit myself to a few sources that I’m comfortable with; books, websites, magazines and friends I trust. Resources that make me feel like a wise friend is holding my hand through hard times.

My tastes in financial advice are not unusual. I like Get Rich Slowly and Your Money Or Your Life. I listen to my friend at the Fool.

I think today I’ve added a new one to my list of personal favorites: The Simple Dollar. I love that the author is both straightforward and unassuming. And I love that he ranges off-topic from fiscal advice to offer straight talk about time management and other related things. Being bad at organizational skills is expensive; I know from long experience. This blog has more to say than the Ten Tired Tips, and I’m happy to listen.