This question haunts me, and I suspect almost everyone who subscribes to a CSA. Now that my fairly-traded, locally-grown organic vegetables are in my house, by the bushel, what do I do with them?

Recently my friends and I have been playing a game of lettuce tag. Most of us belong to the same year-round CSA, and for a few weeks now we’ve all been desperately trying to give each other spare heads of lettuce. I admit that a few times I have made a green salad and taken it to a potluck, knowing full well no one would eat it. Anything to get that lettuce out of my house.

Catherine Price at Slate has a few good ideas if you want to take care of those veggies in your own kitchen.

I reiterate my commitment to slathering the dark green leafy stuff in olive oil, sprinkling it generously with salt, and baking it till it’s crispy. I have never seen a toddler cry for green veggies before. It is fast cheap and easy. My idea of a good time.