mud bucket

Last month, I presided over the creation of a large bucket of mud with my homeschooling coop. I threw a couple of towels on the floor, gave each kid a wooden spoon and a few dried disks of soil mixture that came in a science kit Jen dropped off for us, and we went crazy with it. For, like, hours.

When the kids finally tired of the mud (which made surprisingly little mess), we poured it into to the science kit. The kit is a window garden in which we are supposed to be able to see the roots of growing plants. We planted carrots, beets and radishes in it. Then the girls wrote labels for their sections, with little pictures of the veggies and the words spelled out.

The next day they could not stop checking on their garden, which was not doing anything the least bit interesting, so I got out the felt and we made felt gardens with little felt vegetables in them. The kids talked about all the foods they wanted to grow this summer, and another mom and I helped them cut out the shapes.

felt gardens

Now the little window garden has had a few weeks to take hold. The carrot and radish sprouts are doing great growing boldy up toward the sun with little thready white roots exploring the soil below. The beets never came up; we seem to be cultivating some kind of weird mold in their place. That’s science!

window garden