(Rio is also reading this over my shoulder, and suggested the title of the post. Which is…funny. )

Just now I was lying on the couch, trying to snooze. Rio came over, dragging a child-size rocking chair, which she proceeded to stand on and rock back and forth. I dragged the Mom Voice out of my sleepy self.

“Rio, please sit down.”


“Because I’m asking you to.”

Rio pauses in her lurching, but does not sit. She looks at me intently, and speaks in her Serious Adult Voice.

“Now, Mama, you know that I do not always do what you tell me to do. Sometimes I do not choose to listen to you. This is one of those ti…”

At this juncture, she abruptly falls backwards off the rocker and lands on her butt, banging her shins on the way down.


“That’s why I asked you not to do that.”


I close my eyes again. Maybe 30 seconds pass and then Rio is dragging the rocking chair across the floor again, right up to the edge of the couch. She climbs on and starts rocking.

“Rio, I think you are going to fall again.”

“Maybe. But this time if I fall, I will fall on you.”