I just ganked this idea from Get Rich Slowly, who in turn grabbed it from someone else who grabbed it from Sandor Katz.

The idea: hold a swap night where people exchange hand-made items, ranging from handknits to homebaked bread. Like a Soup Swap you present your goodies to a rapt audience, there’s some method to the madness (described in GRS’s post on the topic). You should expect to leave with roughly similar amounts of stuff as what you arrived with, I think.

I’m intrigued by the concept here, though concerned about the chaos that could well ensue with so many people swapping so much different stuff. It reminds me of trying to coordinate the Valentine’s Day swap, which got totally out of control with specialty requests and offers that I had to coordinate. I guess the control here is that it all happens on one night, in one place.

I think I’ll try to set one up. Anyone want to play?