Martin took Ian (his 15-yr-old son) to the Shepard Fairey exhibit at the ICA last month. They spent the evening at the museum (which is free every Thursday), and then came home and surfed the web for awhile getting more information about Shepard Fairey.

Then Ian sat down at his computer and made this:

Liberty has no posse

Liberty has no posse

I love it when homeschooling works like this. A simple field trip, which was as much parent-child bonding as it was a “lesson”, followed by a child-led research mission, followed by an entirely spontaneous creative project that helped seal in the learning and express his own take on it. I bet he learned more that evening than in a month of classroom history lessons on the same topics.

Ian is not homeschooled most of the time. He attends a charter school in Denver, where his mom lives. But we can’t help wrapping him right into our homeschooling life when he’s here.