IMG_3750.JPG, originally uploaded by MzMuze.

Rio is interested in learning to read a clock. I noticed at MotherMirth’s house the other day a clock with extra numbers on it to indicate what that long hand was up to. Hers was elegant; my imitation of it is obviously messy. This is typical of us.

This learning clock was created by Rio and one of her teenage homeschooling friends. In case the details are not clear in the photo, the out ring of stickers shows the number of minutes past the hour, so that you can simply read the inner circle of numbers for the short hand and the outer circle for the long hand.

Except that since Rio made the outer circle of numbers they are not particularly readable. Rio says this learning tool “DIDN’T WORK” because she was not magically turned into a clock-reader by the end of it. But she’s been looking at the clock and asking about the numbers ever since. I think it’s working fine.