I am a little late to the party in blogging about this, but in case anyone missed it, Consumer Reports took a broad swing at attachment parents this week with an article entitled Five Products Not to Buy For Your Baby.

The article asserts that because there are no safety standards or good research studies on cosleepers or baby slings, one should avoid these products in favor of more traditional options.

I’ve never used a cosleeper, personally, so I can’t vouch for their safety. My babes just slept in my bed. Under a mountain of soft blankets. Yeah, I’m a safety rebel. They are happy healthy kids. There you go.

My baby sling remains the one prized baby item I’m not willing to pass on to friends or Goodwill. Probably my most joyful hours with my babies were spent wearing them in their little wrap carriers.

I feel sad that Consumer Reports biased article might dissuade some parents from experiencing the joy and ease I had as a new mom wearing my baby, and angry that it might impact some of the small businesses that make slings and wraps for babies. Apparently the author of the article is a dad himself, and professed shock at the uproar his article caused. Dude. You wrote an article called “Five Products Not To Buy For Your Baby” and included several popular items with nothing but hearsay and cultural bias to suggest they are unsafe. What did you think would happen?

I bet I’m not the only with an opinion. If you follow the link above, you can let them know how you feel, too.