SOS is upon us, and if you’re on the fence about going with your kids, consider this:

My brood and I were invited to a sneak peek at Rachel Silber’s studio. We went and admired her truly admirable prints, oil paintings and creative boxes. We called dibs on one of her cool artist trading cards. And then Rio climbed into my lap, squirming with excitement and whispered in my ear.

“Mommy! I have to color. I NEED to, Mommy! RIGHT NOW!”

Art begets art. I know of no better way to inspire a little artist than to show her some real life grown-ups playing hard with crayons and paints and clay and making beautiful art.

Here are a few other must-see stops on the Somerville Open Studios menu:
Bonnie Denis’ sock creatures are even more amazing in 3-D than in photos.

Molly Tomlinson’s photography is probably more fun for grown-ups, but worth dragging your kids to because it’s THAT GOOD.

Skunk’s sculture studio shows off some fascinating things you can do with junk. My kids love this stop every year!

Hillary Scott’s entire house is like a Dr. Suess book. Go there! Be amazed! Remodel your living room to look like a forest with an electric chair in it. Or just enjoy the visit.