The ever-amazing SouleMama just posted a creative project she made with her little girl. It’s a Princess and the Pea play set: a tote bag, twelve little mattresses, a hand-felted “pea” and two paper dolls. I love this toy, and I love even more the fact that she made it to stop her daughter from dragging all their pillows around the yard playing princess and the pea all day. How many of us would have just said, “No!” to that annoying behavior and shut down the game altogether?

Rio’s birthday is coming up, and inspired by this craft project, I asked her what her favorite story is these days, thinking I’d make her a playset of it.

“Snow White!” she replied immediately. Great. I’m picturing sewing or crocheting seven little dwarfs and a tiny princess doll, maybe building a little cottage if I get really inspired. But Rio had more to say on the topic.

“I love ‘Snow White’ because I love the evil stepmother. I love every story with an evil stepmother in it. I just love stepmothers! Especially the evil ones.”

um…OK, kid. Maybe this would make a better birthday gift.