In the run-up to Rio’s birthday party, we bought Too Much Food. Like you do when you aren’t sure how many people will be coming to your party, or what they’ll bring to contribute, and your friends are foodies who you don’t dare serve bad pizza to even for a kids’ birthday party.

We also had not been grocery shopping in a month and had a lot of empty shelf space and not much food. Since we were at the store anyway…you see how this goes.

I have spent the past week frantically prepping and preserving in order to guarantee that not one bite of that bounty is wasted. I’m sure I will fail in my mission. We already threw away a huge chunk of leftover birthday cake, but I’m not sure that monstrosity was actually food to begin with. More like “edible sculpture”. And the “edible” bit might only apply if you’re under ten years old.

Today, my fridge is as full as it was a week ago, but the food has been transformed. What’s in there?

– guacamole (two pints)

– pickles (three quarts)

– hummus (two pints)

– sun-dried tomatoes (yes, you can make your own! one pint of these)

– sourdough bread (two loaves)

– banana bread (one loaf)

– yogurt (one quart)

– the usual crock pot of soup

It was fun to dust off all those old recipes. Next stop: salsa.