my daughter, the flower girl

my daughter, the flower girl, photo by S. Whedon

Rio was a flower girl in a fairy tale wedding yesterday, which Yours Truly officiated for two dear friends. She had, I think, the hardest job in the entire ceremony. She had to walk alone down a very long green hill, down an aisle between 150 people, and up onto the terrace where the ceremony was being held, looking calm and happy and throwing flowers into the audience. And she had to do all this while being only five years old.

I know this was a tall order because I also had to walk up to the front and center of the event and do some stuff, and it was a wee little bit scary. I heard from many guests (and the wedding photographer!) that it was a wonderful ceremony, for which I can take but little credit – I think the radiance from the bride and groom would have kept everyone alight with no ceremony at all surrounding them. I did work hard on it though, and was happy to see it come together so beautifully.

Rio also worked a little rain magic, asking the thunderstorm looming overhead to please wait until after the wedding to rain. It blew over during the opening bit, and the sun broke through and lit up the bride’s face as she said her vows. Magic.

Rio executed her flower girl duties with joy and solemnity, which was the theme of the wedding. She took great care to sprinkle a few flower petals at the feet of the bride’s mother and the groom’s. She joined the bridal party in line behind the celebrants.

And when she realized that she had signed on for something incredibly boring that was going to drag until the end of time, she quietly slipped away to play unobtrusively with a few other little girls. They frolicked like bits of sunlight out on the hill behind us, and were so entertaining the musicians missed their last cue because they were lost in the cuteness. Which might have been awkward except that it wasn’t. It was simply magical. Part of the ceremony revolved around each witness offering their blessing, and the event was truly blessed with the mojo of little girls.

Rio and Natalie get warm under Sarahs wrap

Rio and Natalie get warm under Sarah's wrap, photo by S. Whedon