Serena just gets cuter

Serena just gets cuter

Seriously, kid. How did you get so cute?

In addition to cute, Serena has been coming powerfully into her Will lately. She’s strong, she’s clever, and she knows what she wants. She’s a far, far cry from the tiny little baby who slept so peacefully through her own birth and the months that followed. Sometimes, I wish her cry was a little further from me. She’s really working on that high-pitched howl.

It’s all in the service of growth. She’s started mothering her little baby dolls, instead of merely lugging them around. They get nursed, and bounced to sleep, and then tenderly tucked in, just like she did as a baby.

Two days ago, she tore the tomato plants out of the garden by their roots; today she carefully used a trowel Just Like Mommy’s to help me plant the replacement seedlings I bought at the Growing Center (our fourth round of tomato plants this season. I hope these ones take).

A week ago I could easily list all the words she’d ever spoken to me. Now she’s trying on new vocabulary like it’s going out of style. Or, more accurately, like it is coming into style. “Bean” “Bike” “Baby” “Bee” “Bug” – Can you guess what her favorite letter is this week?

Oh Serena! I love the way you fall exhausted onto my lap and nurse at the end of the morning when you’ve played and learned and grown until you can’t stand it anymore and there’s nothing left to do but milk and snooze until you grow some more. You’re still my baby, baby. But more and more, you’re a big girl to the rest of the world.

ps – thanks for going back to your own bed last night after you woke up at 2 a.m. to pee. Feel free to keep doing that.