I would like my cape and tights, please. In size extra-awesome.

Menstruating? Check.
Laryngitis? Check.
Solo parenting for the week? Check.
Sudden increase in workload with both my day job and my freelance writing? Check.

Did I manage, in the past 24 hours, to conduct an interview for a magazine, run a preschool day, learn how to use my new camera, pick up our farm share, take the kids biking in spite of a light drizzle and show up at a Canada Day party with fresh-baked banana muffins? Yes, yes I did.

Now I am going to collapse, so I can do it all again tomorrow. Possibly without the banana bread, but hopefully also without the laryngitis.

(What I really mean here is: how do you single parents do this day after day? I have had more help than I will probably ever admit to this past week, so much that it hardly feels honest to say I’m goin’ it alone, and I still feel like I’ve been hit by the baby train after only a few days. How do you survive? How do your kids? Does it get easier or do you just get stronger?)