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Among the many exciting circus themed adventures the kids and I had this weekend was Backyard Burning Man, which was exactly what it sounds like: a miniature version of Burning Man, scaled down to a single afternoon and evening in a suburban backyard. There was a bouncy castle, body painting, stilt-walking, juggling and hooping. Also lots of food.

The highlight, for me, was getting to try Miracle Fruit, which I have wanted to do for a long time. It’s a fruit that turns sour tastes sweet, and has been a fad at hipster parties for awhile now. But I don’t normally get invited to those parties, so I just get to read about it in the New York Times.

It was oddly disappointing. I ate whole lemon wedges and they tasted like lemonade, but I could have gotten the same effect from putting a pinch of sugar in my mouth before biting down. Everything else I tried – pickles, vinegar, some random stuff – tasted sweet but bad. I don’t like sweet pickles, and the vinegar tasted like off wine.

It was still the high point because it was a Totally Novel Experience. I love those, and don’t get to gave them very often.

The low point of the event: Serena peed in the bouncy castle.

Many thanks to our gracious host, who not only made this event happen but thanked us for our company even *after* the peeing incident.