Rockstomper, Molly Tomlinson 2009

Rockstomper, Molly Tomlinson 2009

1. to be driven wild by one’s child
2. to be wild about one’s child
3. to embrace the wild heart of childhood

Are your kids wild? Are you? Are you the mom who runs barefoot down the street with your laughing child? The dad who shifted your career to be able to cook lunch for your little ones each day? The parent who pays attention to your children, rather than the hype about how to raise them?

Welcome. This blog is for you.

Childwild embraces the wild heart of childhood with daily articles sharing a grounded, free-spirited approach to parenting, education and sustainable family living. Childwild combines memoir with news commentary, parenting advice and how-to articles to create a valuable resource for parents raising wild children.