Here are some of the faces and names you’ll see regularly on this blog:

mamaMyself: I love to knit, to ride my bike, to do yoga, to read (esp. fantasy novels). I homeschool our children, keep house, garden and write.

MartinMartin: my husband, born January, 1965. Martin is a research scientist, a guitar player, and an excellent cook. Also the best co-parent I could imagine.

img_2706Rio: my elder daughter, born May, 2004. Rio is the main guinea pig for all our homeschooling experiments, as well as the architect of many of them. She tells stories, sings songs, rides her bike and learns cool stuff. You can read her birth story here.

serena-with-drops1Serena: my younger daughter, born July, 2007. An internationally renowned expert in looking cute and innocent, Serena spends most of her time toddling, tinkering and getting her big sister in trouble. Her birth story is here.

Ian: my stepson, born 1996. He spends most of the school year in Colorado with his mom and stepdad. He’s an occasional guest star here, with a passion for Trotsky, Dungeons & Dragons, and Funny Stuff From The Internet. He makes pop art images.

Les Chats Du Mal: Merlin and Monster actually run the household. We are their puppets.