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and I have been idly entertaining the notion of getting a dog once we’re settled into our new place. We both grew up with dogs, and have a shared sense that dogs and kids go together. Our kids seem to confirm this. Rio in particular adores dogs.

However, as those of you know me at all well probably know, I don’t actually enjoy dogs much as an adult. With few exceptions I find them strange and off-putting. A little scary even. Also, Ian is allergic to dogs. The allergy seems to be lessening as he gets older, but it would suck to have a pet he could not live with. Duh.

So I did a little quizzy thing on-line today to see what type of dog a person like me should get. I said I wanted a dog that would not shed, would not smell bad, and would not trash my house. My dog would be docile with children, gentle with cats, and easy to train. S/he would also defend me if we were threatened. This dog must not jump on things or people in the house, must be satisfied with living indoors and going for one medium-length walk a day. On the other hand, the dog should be fun to play with. It should be long-lived and have few health problems. Also, it must be hypo-allergenic.

I assumed the answer would be “You do not want a dog, lady.”

Instead, to my very great amusement, it suggested I get a poodle.


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