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I posted this poll a few months back, about what people re-use and what they throw away. I didn’t have a big green agenda about it, I was just curious, but the results made me realize I’m not as green as I think.

I was already planning this follow-up post for today, after an awesome day of grocery shopping with 15 cloth tote bags and doing three loads of laundry, but I am also sort of responding to who asked in her LJ what her readers are doing to limit their planetary impact.

washing more, tossing less


I thought I’d try practicing this EC thing we keep hearing about before I invest in a fresh set of expensive diapers.

So I bought a book and a little red Baby Bjorn potty. I have niether read the book nor tried the baby potty. But for the past three days I’ve been sitting Serena on the adult potty whenever I feel like it and making a little shush-shush sound. And today she peed. And giggled and flapped her feet like she knew she’d done the potty trick we were all so excited about.

So there to my inner skeptic. I guess this thing can work. No idea if she or I will remain interested in it, but it does seem to work.

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