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So Rio and her dad went to the kindergarten open house at our neighborhood school. I would have gone, but the baby fell asleep at an inconvenient time, and we are strict followers of the “Never Wake A Sleeping Baby” school of parenting.

Rio came home from the open house literally vibrating with excitement. “Mama! You are going to change your mind about me not going to that school when you see what they have there! They have music! And Reading! AND FIRST GRADE!”

I hugged her on my lap and helped her off with her boots while her dad came in. He looked sort of gray and shook his head firmly “no” while Rio was not looking. When I asked him later, he said that he found the prominently displayed flags and pledge of allegiance off-putting, and that he really could not see Rio thriving in an environment where she was expected to stay indoors, follow directions and sit still most of the day.

I tend to concur, but Rio made any negotiation about it unnecessary by declaring that kindergarten looked boring and she wishes to go directly to first grade. I told her they won’t let go to first grade until she’s six (which I assume is true, since she’s not reading yet), and that we can talk about it next year. At which point she asked if she could keep homeschooling instead of doing kindergarten and I readily agreed.

I’ve also stepped up the focus on getting her social needs met, since I think that was the primary factor in her wanting to check out school. Arranging playdates is hard, but worthwhile, and I’ve been having a little more success networking with other homeschooling families in Somerville.


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