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“Mom, can we watch TV?”

“Uh, I think the TV is broken.” (this is a lie, I know perfectly well that the TV has been fixed since the elections, but I haven’t turned it on since then and don’t want to. this is the first time she has asked).

We repeat this about a dozen times, until I come close to breaking because I feel lousy and would really like a break from hanging out with a nagging four-year-old who is following me around begging to watch TV.

Then she lies down in bed next to me and her sick sister, and puts her arms out, holding one straight out and one closer to her body, bent at the elbow.

The arms introduced themselves to each other in silly voices, and then proceeded to have a little conversation, complete with moving the hands as if they were speaking.

“Hello Long Arm.”
“Hello Short Arm.”
“How are you today Long Arm?”
“Not Very Good I’m afraid.”
“Really? What’s the matter, Long Arm?”
“I’m bored. I want to watch a movie.”
“Well, if you’re bored…”

At this point both the arms soar upward and Rio leaps up in the bed, where she performs an original song about all the silly and amazing things one can do when one is bored.

normally, the Waldorf insistence on TV abstinence drives me bug-fuck, and I am certainly not pushing it for anyone else. But I’m glad I didn’t miss this moment by giving in to her request for passive entertainment.


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